2019’s Top 4 Deals on Cell Phone Plans

By Daniel Tremblay - November 27, 2018

A mobile phone has gone from a nice-to-have to a need-to-have over the course of the last twenty years. In the late 1990s, you probably didn’t know many people with a cell phone in their pocket; today, you likely don’t know any adult who doesn’t have at least one mobile device.

You probably also don’t know any adult who doesn’t want to save money on their mobile phone plan, so we took a look at some of the best deals out there.


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Credits: Flickr

T-Mobile is the best network for heavy data users, as well as families. Starting at just $140 for a family of four (or $35 for one line), T-Mobile One customers have unlimited data for every line, including 10 GB of 4G LTE data for mobile hotspot use for those times when there’s just no WiFi to work with. Plus, HD streaming comes standard at 480 pixels but may be upgraded to 1080 pixels, which, to be honest, is pretty much essential. The T-Mobile One plan also includes a free Netflix subscription in case you’re not up to date with Peaky Blinders.

T-Mobile is great for the world-traveler as well; customers enjoy unlimited international calls to 70+ countries, in-flight texting on certain flights, and “T-Mobile Tuesdays” with free stuff and discounts on gas, coffee, and many national retailers. Plus, free texting and unlimited data at 2G speeds in nearly 140 countries.


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Credits: Verizon

Verizon Wireless offers the best high speed data, hands down. Starting at $160 for four lines and $75 for one, Verizon’s pricing is less budget-friendly than some of their competitors, but sometimes the best services come at a slightly higher cost. Verizon boasts unlimited data plans and industry-leading national coverage and speeds. “Best,” in this instance isn’t the cheapest plan; it’s the best plan considering multiple variables.


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Sprint offers the best individual plans, with pricing that sets the standard for mobile competitors. For $60/month, your plan includes HD streaming and unlimited access to Hulu. As with any plan, there are some restrictions, including with gaming and music streaming, but if you’re not a gamer or music addict, Sprint’s unlimited calling, text, and data (in Mexico and Canada as well as the United States) is hard to beat.

For those on the go, Sprint boasts unlimited and 2G data speed with calls costing just 20 cents/minute in 180+ countries. Add in 10GB of LTE mobile hotspot data and varied pricing plans and you’ll understand why, to many, Sprint provides the most flexibility on the market.


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Republic Wireless is the ideal option for the casual mobile customer, or for mobile devices that are used just sparingly or in the case of emergencies, with flexible plans for light usage and a lot of talk time or data. A stripped-down way to stay in touch, but beginning at only $15 for unlimited talk-and-text and no data options, this is perfect for those off-the-grid or off-the-phone.

Do kids need phones? Well, if you want to keep track of them they do. Tracfone offers the premiere mobile plans on the market for younger kids, starting at just $15 for 30 days with 200 minutes, 500 texts, and 500MB of data. It’s a great entry to responsibility and gives parents peace of mind that they can call their kids whenever they want.