Top 4 Black Friday Deals for 2019

By Psquared - November 25, 2019

And here it is again folks, the retail-o-mania, discounting-zilla, spend-yo-cash-at-the-store frenzy that we all love to hate but hate to love: Black Friday. And we think this year is going to be a juicy one! Based on previous year’s data, here is where we think the hot deals are going to be:

  • Online: The usual suspects are amazon.com, bestbuy.com, walmart.com, and wayfair.com. Don’t skip on these or check the sponsored unit on this article as these online retailers actively promote their deals throughout the whole week.
  • Usual Electronics: As per usual you can expect deep discounting on laptops, smartphones, and televisions.
  • Smaller Electronics: Smartwatches are going to be hot this year! Walmart and Apple have already announced price cuts on the earlier models, down to $129 for the Apple Watch 3.
  • Tablets: With the competition accelerating there, you can expect deals on iPads, kindles, Samsung tablets, and Microsoft tablets.

As we usually say to our readers: research, research, research. You can definitely find deals for what you’re looking for! Online is probably your best bet for health purposes, given some customers have been known to throw down royal rumble style in the middle of stores. Stay in your pajamas and get that credit card out!