Top 4 Deals for Amazon Prime Day 2019

By Psquared - July 15, 2019

Amazon Prime Day – It’s like Christmas and your birthday wrapped up in one glorious day! Anyone else as excited as us?!? We’ve bookmarked pages, filled virtual carts, and we’ll be setting an alarm to snag those must-have deals from the sale this year! You too? Want some help to find the best deals?

Monday, July 15 and Tuesday, July 16 is where it’s at, folks! Get ‘er, people! Mega deals are available to those who are informed and willing to do a little footwork. Need some help? We’ve broken down some of the early deals we’re aware of and added in some pro shopping tips. Enjoy!

Amazon Mega Deals

If you know just when and where to look, the best deals can be had on Amazon Prime Day! We’re talking electronics, coveted kids’ toys, and even groceries!

Enjoy $260 off the regular price of a Google Pixel 3 or 3XL.  The Echo Dot is half price at only $25 and you can benefit from 4 months of Apple Music Unlimited for less than a buck! Seriously? Apple iPads and AirPods along with Kindles will be heavily discounted.

Like A Pro

Savvy Amazon shoppers are already pros at this, virtually circling the sale dates on their shared calendars and setting alerts for the best new deals! Alexa voice-activated deals are available too! For the full 48 hour sale just ask, “Alexa, what are my deals?” She’s been helping online customers snag the best early deals since Saturday, July 13!

Another pro tip: make sure to check in and refresh your browser as often as possible. New crazy-low deals will be launched throughout the 2-day sale as often as every 5 minutes!

Our Top Shopping Tips

Need last-minute tips to help you navigate this year’s Amazon Prime Sale? It can seem daunting to search for the best deals, compare prices with other retailers, and snag what you want before the offers expire. Here are our top tips for getting what you want this year on Amazon:

  1. Did you know there’s an Amazon Prime shopping guide available right on their website? Check that out, people, ASAP!
  2. Obviously, subscribe to Amazon Prime. Only members can access the best deals!
  3. Download the Amazon App. Bonus? The first time you sign into the app, you’ll receive a $5 Amazon credit! Money in your pocket, folks!

Prime Day Launches

Do you get as excited as us when you see an Amazon box waiting at your door? Need one last thing to enjoy on Prime Day? On July 15 and 16, Amazon launches new products available only to Prime members for a limited time. There are headphones, toys, and tons of jewelrey that’s never been available on Amazon before!

There will certainly be tons more than 4 top deals on Amazon Prime Day! We’re as excited as you are and will be waiting for our deliveries by week’s end! Happy shopping, friends!