Top 4 Laptop Manufacturers 2019

By JS Paul - March 04, 2019

While you may be tempted to shop for the latest MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, the price tag might be deter you from your end goal, whether it’s to enhance productivity, edit media files, or play games.

The brands building the most recognized laptops outside of Apple are Dell, with its XPS line of product, popular with gamers. Then we have Acer, with its Aspire model, an extremely cost-effective choice that can respond to most office-related needs very well. HP snags our 3rd position, with the well-known Chromebook, catering to users who are living in Google’s universe of applications and mainly online. And finally, the Huawei MateBook sports a touchscreen and a super long battery life.

The diversity of prices will leave you needing to research and compare features, such as RAM, video card, weight, battery life, display resolution, and much more! Don’t be afraid to shop around and even visit a store to get a feel for your next device. Or shop online, with all the available competitive deals out there!