Top 4 Mortgage Lenders in 2019

By JS Paul - March 04, 2019

The most significant tool in your kit when you’re looking for a home, whether your first or the next bigger and better one, is your mortgage lender. Although the interest rate might seem like the most important detail to define if your deal is successful or not, their selection of products also helps in building a loan contract that perfectly fits your needs.

The known top 4 mortgage lenders in the US as calculated by iEmergent are Quicken Loans, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase Bank & Bank of America. You should expect them to offer services such as new home loans, home refinancing, home equity and reverse mortgages. A good broker can guide you in selecting the perfect fit, whether you’re purchasing a condo, a rental unit, a single-family house or a townhome.

The good news is they want your business and are willing to spend big bucks to get it, remember not to take the first offer without shopping around first.