Top 4 New Phones Released in 2019

By Psquared - February 25, 2019

Mobile World Congress is THE telecom show of the year and, once again, it doesn’t disappoint. The long list of new devices, technologies and mind-blowing innovations secures its spot as the ultimate pilgrimage for cell phone nerds from around the globe.

Here are the top 4 phones and deals that are being announced at this year’s event:

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Credits: samsung

Samsung is releasing multiple devices this year. However, the Galaxy Fold wins the prize of “most innovative” in our humble opinion. The device comes with not one, nor two, but three screens to accommodate any moment of your day. Whether you need to quickly check the time, maps or emails or if you’re just sitting at the airport waiting for a flight and want to catch up on the latest Netflix show, this device responds to all your needs!

And these specs don’t lie:

Main foldable display: 7.3” QXGA+ Dynamic AMOLED Display (4.2:3)

Cover Display: 4.6” HD+ Super AMOLED Display (21:9)

In terms of cameras, we’re baffled they could put so many lenses on the same device:

Cover & Front camera: 10MP selfie camera & 8MP RGB depth camera

Rear Triple Camera: 12MP telefoto and wide-angle cameras, 16MP ultra-wide camera

The battery can be charged with or without a wire and has a stunning size of 4320 mAH. The basic model has 512G of storage (take that Apple!) and comes with the latest Android. See you at the store!

Nokia 9 PureView

Credits: businessinsider

Nokia has had some hits and definitely some misses over the years, a pattern that took them off the top 3 “cool phone” manufacturers podium globally.

The Nokia 9 PureView might bring them back. This high-end phone comes with a stunning 5 cameras for those early adopters wanting to take the first snaps, with what might become the new standard.

The many lenses perform different functionalities, going from wide-angle, to monochrome shots, to capturing multiple layers all in one picture.

More details to be confirmed, the unit starts at $699 which isn’t too bad considering that Huawei is launching a $2400 phone this week…

Huawei Mate X

Credits: techradar

Let’s start with the price: $2400. If you’re still reading, here’s why it might be an interesting phone to consider:

The Mate X sports an 8-inch OLED display that wraps around, a fully folded thickness of 11mm, 5G enabled, a 4,500mAh battery, and powerful Kirin 980 processor.

We’ll let someone else take the price tag hit. Let us know how the phone performs!


We’ll call it the G8, however LG hasn’t released the official name of this device. The name will only be revealed during Mobile World Congress this year. One thing’s for sure: we’ll have a lot more screen to play with, whether it’s a larger one or the rumoured dual screen it might have. Even better news: it won’t be some kind of low quality screen but a full featured one!

Sci-fi zone: It’s highly possible that the phone will have a “touchless interaction” feature, allowing the user to basically touch the phone remotely from up to 30cm away. This would be done via the front camera.

Music lovers will enjoy this rumour: The screen might serve as the speaker, vibrating along its Crystal OLED layer for what the company pegs as a “super crisp sound with improved volume and clarity.” LG has had some mixed reviews in the past, but we can forecast this mobile device won’t disappoint.