Top 4 New Smartphones of 2019

By Top4Lists - February 15, 2019

For consumers, the smartphone market is as good as it’s ever been, with options at a variety of price points and healthy competition everywhere you look. If you’re in the market for a smartphone, there likely isn’t a better time to buy than now, because smartphones get better and better with every iteration. Below, check out a list of the best smartphones that will be or are available now in 2019.

Iphone XS

Credits: www.apple.com

Apple’s iPhone line basically invented, reinvented, and perfected the smartphone. With each successive iteration, the iPhone gets better and better.  It’s already been a few months since the unbelievably cool iPhone XS hit store shelves, but we’re still baffled by its amazing features.

Currently, the top of the line iPhone is the XS, a 5.8” Super Retina HD model which features a full-screen design and 7 MP True-Depth camera features like Face ID, animoji, and the new selfie portrait  mode. For those craving a bigger screen (these Netflix binges are way better on larger devices), the iPhone XS Max comes with a 6.5″ Super Retina HD screen, perfect for those with bigger hands. 

These model will set you back at least $999, but depending on your cell phone plan, you might be able to score an upgrade credit. The price tag is worth it in our opinion, as the A12 chip is the fastest Apple has produced so far, the device is water resistant in a 2 meter depth for 30 mins and supports wireless charging. What’s not to like?

Samsung S10

Credits: wccftech.com

Not an iPhone fan? Not to worry, Samsung is rumoured to be releasing its brand new device at the Mobile World Congress this year, the Samsung S10.

Here are the predicted specs of the device: It’ll come in 5 different iterations, 4G compatible S10 and S10 Plus, affordable model S10e, and 5G compatible S10 X and foldable X.

Some sources are predicting a $799 starting price for the 128G of storage, 6G of RAM unit, a camera cut-out in the screen, a 19:9 ratio and an incredible resolution of 1440 x 3440. The other wow factor: a crypto storing capability, built-in the device. We can’t wait for February 20!

Google Pixel 3

Credits: www.telstra.com.au

For a lot of people, the Pixel is the perfect combination of great hardware and a reasonable price. The 2017 Pixel and Pixel 2 XL were among the best phones on the market in 2017. The Pixel 3 continues the trend brilliantly.

Fun fact: Google is offering 6 month of free Youtube Music when you purchase a new device, make sure to check the fine print to confirm you’re eligible. The phone starts at $999, packs dual-camera, super res zoom, auto-selfie capabilities, and a integrated search capability for those sporting those Google Lens.

Google loves to integrate its services directly within the phone and offers unlimited storage on Google Photos, at no cost. Even for those 4K videos the phone allows you to create. Our favourite feature is the adaptive battery which learns your behaviour patterns and optimizes the battery life to fit your daily flow. We’re not telling you what to do, but give this one a look before you buy any other phone.


We’ll call it the G8, however LG hasn’t released the official name of this device. The name will only be revealed during Mobile World Congress this year. One thing’s for sure: we’ll have a lot more screen to play with, whether it’s a larger one or the rumoured dual screen it might have. Even better news: it won’t be some kind of low quality screen but a full featured one!

Sci-fi zone: It’s highly possible that the phone will have a “touchless interaction” feature, allowing the user to basically touch the phone remotely from up to 30cm away. This would be done via the front camera.

Music lovers will enjoy this rumour: The screen might serve as the speaker, vibrating along its Crystal OLED layer for what the company pegs as a “super crisp sound with improved volume and clarity.” LG has had some mixed reviews in the past, but we can forecast this mobile device won’t disappoint.