Top 4 Things About Men’s Deodorant

By JS Paul - August 19, 2019

Men are caring more and more about their health, whether it’s via a day at the prostate spa or enjoy a colorectal cancer check at their local doctor’s office. Men are also investing more time in their looks and brands are taking note.

Deodorant wouldn’t be the first thing you’d think brands would promote to men, however, we all know the impact of a bad under arm smell, hence why we made this short Top 4 List:

  1. Natural: Yes, we highly recommend going as natural as you can when it comes to men’s deodorant. Aluminum does have an impact on skin and some people have allergic reactions to it which you’ll want to avoid.
  2. Type: Spray, anti-perspirant, deodorant, etc… New products are created in order to respond to consumer needs, we go for the less discomfort as possible as well as the less impact on our clothing. Deo stains can be really ugly and not something to show on your first date. We go with spray and reapply if needed.
  3. Fragrance: This is where men win the jackpot. No more of these alcohol-full fragrance that would be hard to distinguish from bug spray. companies such as Axe offer an amazing range of scent that will definitely diversify your portfolio of personas you want to present to the world.
  4. Price: Nothing is safe from the internet deal machine, and men’s deodorant is no exception. Do your research as even premium brands promote their products online.