Top 4 Things to Consider When Buying New Tires

By Psquared - August 07, 2019

Keeping your tires up to date is not only important but can keep you and your family safe, no matter the type of car or truck you’re driving. Tires also affect your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, which means you’re literally burning through money if you don’t maintain them.

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when buying new tires. Here are our top 4:

  1. Tire Dimensions: The numbers on the side of your tires indicate the unit’s thickness, capacity to handle the weight, radius, and also (little known fact) the speed index. That’s the tire’s capacity to maintain good road handling at any given speed. Definitely something to discuss with the sales agent or verify online before making a purchase. You absolutely want to select tires that fit your driving style and needs.
  2. Brand: It’s easy to cave into the temptation of purchasing used tires or some from an unknown brand. However, it is just as easy to purchase products that have dents, cracks, excessive wear, holes, etc… Our recommendation is to always inspect the tire if you choose to purchase used and, if new, stick to the big brands like Michel, BFGoodfich, Firestone, and Bridgestone.
  3. Seasons: Not to be under-estimated, the impact of climate on tires is intensified when you live in a region with more than 2 seasons. The northern states and Canadian folks (we see you, Canada!) will obviously have to consider winter tires or at least all-season tires, whereas folks in the south could probably get by with only summer tires. Understanding the handling capacity of your tires in any given weather event is a must.
  4. Price: Last but certainly never the least thing to consider when buying your tires is price. Seems logical? Not for everyone, as companies have been known to jack up prices on these and pass them off to unaware customers. Do your research as there are amazing deals available online, as you can tell from our sponsors!