Top 4 Things To Consider When Shopping For a Truck Bed Cover

By Js Paul - August 07, 2019

Whether you use your truck for work or pleasure, your selection of accessories is what makes the biggest difference in terms of the utility of the vehicle and if people come knocking on your door on moving day. You know what we mean…

Also known has a tonneau, these bed covers can be extremely useful. However there are a few traps to watch out for when making a purchase. Here are the top 4 things to consider when shopping for a truck bed cover:

  1. Structure: You can get either a retractable bed cover or a hard bed cover. Both are great depending on what you do with your truck. Our 2 cents: If you carry hard, expensive and valuable loads, we recommend going for a hard bed cover for both safety and theft protection. If you take around campaign gear, sports equipment etc… you might want to stick with the retractable one, mainly for price purposes.
  2. Installation & Removal: is the product easily installed? Can you removed just as easily if you need? How complicated is the system to use? Can your partner or your employees use it without getting hurt or having to call you every time? Definitely an important point to consider before making your purchase.
  3. Cleaning: Goes along side with the installation and removal point. Can this bed cover go through a car wash? Does it need to be entirely removed before cleaning thoroughly? In our experience, the hard bed covers are easier to clean as they present less risk for damage when using a simple hose or going through a car wash
  4. Price: As always we end with price. We can’t repeat it enough folks: research, research, research. Our sponsors offer some fantastic savings opportunities, take a look before going in store for a purchase, it’ll help with your negotiations!