Top 4 Things To Know About Acne Treatment

By Donna Clark - August 13, 2019

Although acne is a known challenge for growing teenagers, adults can also suffer from the skin condition for many different reasons: allergies, diet, genetic pre-disposition, etc… Luckily there are many treatments available.

We thought it would be helpful to build a short list of things to know before selecting your treatment:

  1. Natural Methods: Face spas? Cucumbers? Steam? All these can have small to moderate effect, if not at least bring soothing feeling to the inflamed areas where acne is active. Important to note that these will not remove the acne permanently from your skin, in order to do this you definitely need to talk to…
  2. Doctors: There is a huge selection of prescription drugs available for acne treatment, hence why talking to your doctor is important. First and foremost they will highlight the intensity of your condition, which requires unique dosage. They can also prescribe a blend of treatment elements such as topical creams, soft gel caps, etc… One thing for sure is they will recommend a healthy lifestyle and consistency in taking the medication as both have the most impact on your treatment.
  3. Side-Effects: Some people have describe suffering from stomach pains or overall gut discomfort, mainly from the antibiotics type of drugs sometimes prescribed by doctors. Others have mentioned a higher sensitivity to the sun, it’s a good idea to carry around sunscreen and apply regularly when going through treatment.
  4. Price: Like everything else in life, do your research before making your purchase. Large brands like Clinique are leveraging online advertisement to let their products be known by consumers.