Top Places To Find Paper Coupons

By JS Paul - August 19, 2019
toilet paper, savings

Once in a while we’ll have an article where it’s difficult to create a list of Top 4, and folks, we have it here, some content about good ol’ toilet paper.

Now, why would you read about toilet paper when clearly all you have to do is pick up the car and go to your local Costco? Well, what if Costco is closed and you have an emergency? You clearly won’t want to splurge on that extra cost to get that paper, you’ll want a coupon. Ok fine, here’s a list anyway:

  1. Internet Coupons: There are tons of places on the web to get coupons, whether you order online or buy in store. Take a look at sites like Krazy Coupon Lady, you can get up to $2 on top brands
  2. Brands: Large retailers are promoting their discounts via online coupons, like walmart for example. But brands themselves like Brawny, Charmin, etc… are also now promoting direct to consumer deals that definitely are worth taking a look.
  3. Price: The real question here is how much is toilet paper worth to you? Confession: it’s quite important to us at Top4Lists, enough to write an article about it at 6AM in the morning. We care folks, and once again, do your research as the internet can be a treasure throve of deals and surprising discounts.